About - I Choose Europe

About us

The campaign “I Choose Europe” is led by civil society organisations willing to strengthen young people’s public participation before and after the European Elections 2019 and encourage them to vote. By achieving this, we want to send a strong message to decision-makers and the public that the European youth is not just a passive audience, but a growing social and political force.

Before May 2019, young activists trained as part of the project will organize a series of debates and public events intended to raise awareness of the European Elections and send a clear message to current and future decision-makers that young people’s voices matter.

Following the elections, the second phase of the campaign will build on the created momentum to ensure that young people and youth organisations are capable of working for the future of Europe with local and European decision-makers.

The project is coordinated by Young European Federalists together with 11 national sections and the following partners: Animafac, Assembly of European Regions, Balkans Beyond Borders, Center for Intercultural Dialogue, DYPALL Network, Europe4Youth, European Educational Exchanges – Youth for Understanding, and the Union of European Federalists.