JEF’s Federalist Manifesto

JEF’s 14 Steps for a
Better Europe

Appeal to pro-European political parties

Pro-European parties should agree on a set of principles for the future of the European Union and against the European project of the nationalists and include it in their political programmes. They should promote and rally around such principles before the European elections and then work together in the next European Parliament.

Voting pledge for citizens

European elections 2019, I Choose Europe

As a European citizen

I oppose rebuilding borders between European states, bringing back our old currencies,
returning to market protectionism, building a fortress Europe closed to migrants and
refugees, and abandoning the stability and benefits that Europe gives.
I believe Europe is at a crossroad and must choose: either we vote for more integration or
we risk the victory of nationalism leading to new divisions and disintegration.

Political pledge for MEP candidates

European elections 2019, a crucial date for Europe

As a candidate to the European Parliament, I believe citizens must have their say on the future
of Europe. I commit to focus my electoral campaign on the promotion of a united, democratic,
social and sovereign Europe.

Argumentation cards

These cards are designed to help you, the UEF activists, stand up for our federalist vision and
argue your case. Whether as a cheat-sheet when out on the streets or for a quick prep before a panel

Resources guides to step up your local actions (Animafac)

Our partner, Animafac, produced a serie of practical guides to support you in the organisation of local actions. From raising awaress with Forum Theater to organizing a documentary screening followed by a debate, find new ways to engage with youth in your local section.

12 actions to empower and engage young people
at the local level in the European elections

This toolkit compiles a set of 12 activities: 5 workshops to implement quiz, discussion activities in small groups and simulations; 7 ideas for action targeting young people in legal age of voting engaged in youth organizations, community groups or informal groups with interest in dealing with young people.