Action Days before the European Elections

The Executive Board of JEF also coordinated a series of “Action Days” to mobilise JEF members around Europe before the European Elections, regardless if their sections took part in the “I Choose Europe” campaign or not. These included:

  • Debate watching parties (29 April, 15 May) that gathered young people all over Europe to watch political debates between Spitzenkandidaten and featured games to encourage discussions about the candidates and their core messages.
  • Europe Day (9 May) during which campaign postcards were sent out both electronically and by post conveying the message “Don’t just celebrate Europe, Choose Europe!”.
  • “Get out the vote” weekend (18 – 20 May) comprised of a series of street actions across the continent to persuade the undecided about the importance of voting by showing that the European Project can’t be taken for granted.
  • Election Night (26 May) to follow the preliminary results of the elections in the company of fellow JEFers and partner campaigners.