“I Choose Europe” pledges

The “I choose Europe” initiative intends to call citizens who believe in the European unity to come out and vote, choose Europe against the European project of the nationalists, to speak up for the Europe they want for the future. The project encourages expression of choice by voting for a Stronger, Democratic, Social and Federal Europe. It also intends to call candidates and policy makers across Europe to rally around a road-map of reforms leading to such a Strong, Democratic Social and Federal Europe that can inspire the trust of the citizens and deliver on their expectations. 

European elections 2019, a crucial date for Europe

As a candidate to the European Parliament, I believe citizens must have their say on the future of Europe. I commit to focus my electoral campaign on the promotion of a united, democratic, social and sovereign Europe. If elected, I commit to work for:

  • a reform of the Economic and Monetary Union aimed at giving it adequate fiscal and economic powers, including an own sizeable budget financed by own resources, fully and democratically controlled by the European Parliament;
  • European economic and social policies that can balance and complete national responsibilities with European solidarity, and strengthen the feeling of European citizens that they belong to a single political community;
  • a single European foreign, security and defence policy to protect EU citizens and promote common European interests and values in today‚Äôs unpredictable and threatening global order;
  • European policies to manage migration flows, including the management of external EU borders through European forces; the development of European legal migration channels; European measures to ensure together the integration of migrants;
  • make Europe a global leader in combating climate change and promoting the transition to a fully environment-friendly economy through European measures aimed at phasing out fossil fuels, promoting investment in renewable energy, imposing binding emission reduction targets and minimising plastic waste;
  • an increased European budget based on own resources, which could come from European taxes, e.g. on financial transactions, digital transactions, carbon emissions or plastic use;
  • to strengthen European democracy by setting up a Europe-wide single electoral law for the election of Members of the European Parliament, including pan-European transnational lists by European political parties;
  • to engage the European Parliament in reforming EU treaties, to make the European Union more politically united, democratic and effective: (1) the European Commission, with reduced membership, should become the only executive body of the Union; (2) the European Council should only keep a role of political leadership, ending its executive role in policy-making; (3) the veto right in the Council and in the European Council should be abolished; (4) the European Parliament should be granted the right to co-legislate with the Council in all EU competences;
  • should not all Member States agree with the above reforms, and given the critical situation Europe is in, to support the project of a new Treaty for the Member States willing to go ahead together in the meantime;
  • the creation of a cross-partisan intergroup in the European Parliament to promote these goals.